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Wrapped Land Drain Pipes

GWA were pioneers in the UK of geotextile wrapped land drain coils, with the initial investment in a state of the art manufacturing plant in the 1980's. Having experimented with many different types of material to act as a filter on the pipe, from cocoa fibres, nylon and even straw, we have used Terram geotextiles for the past 20 years with unmitigated success.


The wrapped land drain coils are predominantly used in two markets:

  1. Agriculture.


  2. Infrastructure (FD8 Narrow Filterdrain).

In a very fine silty and sandy soils ordinary non wrapped drainage systems can in time become blocked and ineffective. The Terram geotextiles attached to the pipe acts as an external filter thereby extending the service life of the drainage systems and allowing previously ‘un-drainable' land to become productive.

Our FD8 Narrow Filterdrain pipe uses a geotextile accepted by the Highways agency. FD8 is installed at the edge of roads and embankments and is an effective drainage system in Highway construction.


If you have a special requirement, please contact us on (0)1430 430 529 or email