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Large Diameter Twinwall Pipes

Large diameter twinwall pipes (750mm upwards) have developed as the market has dictated a demand for robust, durable and adaptable products instead of the traditional heavy materials of clay and concrete. A range of pipes is now available from 750mm to 2100mm diameter.


Their key benefits are:

  • Lightweight for ease of handling and installation
  • Very strong (40 tonne loading) yet flexible.
  • Superior hydraulic performance achieved through their smooth bore.
  • Excellent resistance to sulphate and chemical attack.
  • WRC and BBA approved.
  • 6 metre lengths give fewer joints and less leaks.
  • 100% recyclable.


As a result of its vast range of diameters and advantageous characteristics, large twinwall pipes are used for the following applications.

  • Surface water drainage.
  • Large scale attenuation structures.
  • Culverts and river diversions.
  • Outfalls.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Foul Sewers.
  • Manhole fabrications.


Due to their strength and durability all pipes can be installed under roads or car parks.


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