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Crop Conditioning Pedestals

Our grain Conditioning Pedestals are the very best on the market. Constructed from tough 'food grade green' twin wall plastic, they are positioned within floor stores and used to draw the heat out of crops to keep them free from moulds and mites. Polydry has been designed and tested in conjunction with ADAS a leading land based consultancy for use in the on-floor cooling, drying and ventialtion of all floor stored crops. Polydry pedestals are free standing and easy to handle and install. They are also extremely quick to remove as (unlike any other Pedestal product) they can be removed using the bucket of the loader.


Grain Ventilation Pedestals

Polydry Vertical On-floor System

Polydry vertical pedestals work by drawing air down through the stored crop into the perforated body section and up through the fan. This system helps keep the crop cool and free from moulds and insects.

Polydry Pedestals are designed with ample slotted area in the large diameter base unit to allow extraction fans to run at full capacity. Because of their unique plastic construction and slot construction, they do not cause the condensation problems that many other Pedestal ventilation systems can suffer. This is because:

  1. The plastic they are constructed from does not get as cold as other products such as metal.
  2. The slotted base area is a much larger diameter meaning the pressure change when air enters the duct is much less and therefore moisture is not dropped on its way up the Pedestal.

Polydry Pedestals can be spaced according the height of grain stored around them and we have a team of specialists available to help you to design the perfect cooling system for your store.


diagram of polycool pedestals in a barn



Advantages of Polydry?

  • Manufactured from materials suitable for food contact
  • Corrugated ducts made from high density polyethylene and polypropylene giving it high stiffness and impact strength
  • Smooth internal bore minimises restrications to air flow within the duct
  • Minimises condensation 
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Can be used time and time again without damage making Polydry the most economical choice.


If you have a special requirement, please contact us on (0)1430 430 529 or email