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Crop Conditioning Fans

We offer a range of high quality fans for removing warm air from your stored crops. Our fans come in a range of options for various applications such as Pedestal Ventilation and under or on floor horizontal ducting. Below are some of the fan options we offer:

Our new Evolution fans are perfect for use with Polydry Pedestals and feature a built in differential control system which switches the fan on and off depending on crop temperature and outside air temperatures. Therefore you can leave it to run on only 30% of the power used by most popular alternatives. We also offer standard reversible fan units for use with Pedestals which can be manually switched on and off. If you have existing fans, we also offer a stand alone differential controller.



We also supply a range of larger fan units which can be used with horizontal cooling and conditioning systems. A member of our team will gladly visit your site to discuss your requirements with you and design a bespoke grain cooling system for you.


If you have a special requirement, please contact us on (0)1430 430 529 or email