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AdvanEDGE flat pipe for Golf Courses.View WestlakeAdvanEDGE4.jpg in slide show


A perforated panel – shaped polyethylene core pipe in 300mm and 450mm widths and in coils upto 30 metres long. Can be used with or without a covering geotextile sock for the filtration of fines.

The primary benefit of the AdvanEDGE pipe’s design is its rapid drainage response: 300mm AdvanEDGE has twice the response rate of 100mm round pipe, removing a given quantity of water 60% faster.

Due to the trenchless installation of AdvanEDGE in golf greens, there is no gravel backfill to buy or install and no trench spoils to dispose of, allowing green construction costs to be View Hole 1 picture.jpg in slide showsignificantly reduced.

In the golf world today, two basic types of putting green are predominant:

~ USGA greens – they employ a soil mixture root zone above a layer of gravel.

~ California greens – which feature an all-sand root zone with no gravel layer.

AdvanEDGE flat drainage pipe is recommended for use with both types of green.



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