Channel Drain

Channel Drain

Channel Drain

We offer channel drain solutions for a range of applications from residential areas to motorway drainage.

Our channel drainage solutions offer high intercept performance across total length of channel run; reduced occurrence of ponding or streaming across site and can often offer a higher capacity than similar diameter pipes.

Benefits of channel drainage

  •  No pea gravel required as bedding and backfill
  •  Excavation is seldom more than 500mm below the finished paving level. If the reduced formation level of the site is 500mm or lower, extra excavation may be needed
  •  Minimal interference with existing services due to shallow excavation
  •  Minimal spoil to cart away (Landfill Tax)
  •  Easy to achieve required levels / falls through following correct installation procedures
  •  No planking or strutting

Channel drain system

Applications of Channel Drain

  • Heavy and light industrial units
  • Roadways
  • Residential/domestic
  • Hospitals
  • Chemical Plants
  • Landscaping
  • Hospitals

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