Filter Wrapped Drain Pipe FD8

100mm x 100m Drain agricole enrobé géotextile

Wrapped Drain Pipe (Narrow Drain)

Our Terram 800 or 1000 filter wrapped drain pipe FD8 comes pre-wrapped with twine allowing for quick and easy installation. This is unlike the fabric stocking application which can be time consuming and potentially tear whilst being applied.

Wrapped land drain coils come in the below sizes:

  • 60mm – 150m
  • 80mm – 50m, 100m, 400m
  • 100mm – 50m, 100m
  • 160mm – 50m
  • 200mm – 40m

We are also able to wrap large diameter pipes, such as twin wall. Wrapped twin wall pipe will be made to order and is available on request.

In very fine silty and sandy soils, ordinary non wrapped drain pipe systems can  become blocked and ineffective over time. The Terram geotextiles wrapped around the drain pipe acts as an external filter thereby extending the service life of the drainage systems and allowing previously ‘un-drainable’ land to become productive.

Wrapped pipe is also used in the heap leaching process in mining to extract precious metals from the ore.

160mm wrapped land drain fin drain

Our Fin Drain Type 8 (FD8) Narrow Filterdrain pipe uses a geotextile accepted by the Highways agency. FD8 pipe is installed at the edge of roads and embankments and is an effective drainage system in Highway construction.

We only use the best land drain for strength and life span, the blue Polypipe Land Coils which we wrap are manufactured to BS 4962:1989.

We also supply a large number of fittings for our land drainage pipe, which can be found here.

Filter wrapped drain pipe FD8 (Fin Drain) is available from our Yorkshire, Cumbria and Warwickshire depots. If you have a special requirement or any questions, please contact us on 01430 430 529 or email

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