Land Drain Fittings

land drain multijunctions

Land Drain Fittings

We supply Land Drain fittings of various sizes, both junctions and multi junctions.

Our range includes:

  • 80mm x 80mm Junctions
  • 100mm x 80mm Multi-Junctions*
  • 125mm x 80mm Junctions
  • 160mm Multi-Junctions*

*Multi-junctions can be cut to the size required and are not just the maximum size stated.

Also available are couplers for all sizes of land drain pipe – 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 160mm and 200mm.

We also stock flap valves and outfall pipes for land drain.

Land Drain Fitting over 160mm


The photo on the right shows a land drain fitting that straddles a 160mm main and allows direct connection with a piece of 80mm land drain pipe.

This quick and easy installation reduces the amount of time taken to connect drainage systems together.

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