Land Drain Pipe

Land Drain Coil


Land drain pipe is a single walled and corrugated pipe used for the removal of surface water when perforated or as a carrier pipe for moving water when unperforated. It is available in coils from 60mm to 200mm in diameter.

Land drainage pipe is available in the below coil sizes:

  • 60mm – 150m
  • 80mm – 25m, 50m, 100m, 450m*
  • 100mm – 25m, 50m, 100m and 280m*
  • 125mm – 50m
  • 160mm – 45m and 135m*
  • 200mm – 40m

*G W Axup are the sole supplier of these jumbo land drain coils

Please note that non-perforated pipe does not come in all the above coil sizes.

Our PVC-U systems from Polypipe are available from 60mm to 200mm diameters and meet the requirements of British Standard 4962 and carry the BSI kitemark. This means that the full range of pipes and fittings are manufactured and tested under a fully integrated Quality Management System.

Our land drain systems provide a cost effective drainage solution which is quick and simple to install. In addition, the corrugated profile provides exceptional pipe strength, resisting excessive deformation from soil loading and compression.

We also supply a large number of fittings for our land drainage pipe, which can be found here.

80mm Land Drain


  • Agricultural land drainage
  • Sports field drainage
  • Golf courses
  • Highways
    • Verge and central reservation drainage
    • Embankment drainage
  • Construction
    • Cut-off drains
    • Retaining wall drainage
  • Domestic
    • Septic Tank
    • Soakaway drainage
    • Open Cut Installation
    • Garden drainage
Land Drainage Machine


Traditional methods of installing land drainage pipes have evolved excavating a trench to line and level, laying the pipe and backfilling with permeable fill. This means that trenches are now cut by either a back-hoe bucket or chain trencher. Narrow chain trenchers are particularly effective for sports field and golf course drainage, causing minimal ground disturbance with a quick return to use of the land.

Installation Details

  • The trench bed should be firm and free from stones and large rocks. Chain trenches typically provide a profiled bed for the pipe to sit in.
  • The trench width should be sufficient to allow placement and compaction of the granular fill around the pipe. typically the trench should be a minimum of pipe outside diameter and four times the diameter of the fill material.
  • The minimum cover should be 600mm this will ensure the pipe is not damaged by cultivation or excessive traffic loading from farm machinery
80mm x 450m wrapped land drain pipe


In very fine silty and sandy soils, drainage systems can become blocked and ineffective. However, by wrapping the land drain coils in approved geotextile membranes, this acts as an external filter and extends the service life of the system.

Please click here for more information on Filter Wrapped Drain Pipe.

Land drain coils are available at our Yorkshire, Cumbria or Warwickshire depots and delivery is available across the UK. If you have a special requirement or any questions, please contact us on 01430 430 529 or email

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