Soakaway and Attenuation Crates

Soakaway and Attenutation Crate

Soakaway and Attenuation Crates

We supply Polystorm Soakaway and Attenuation Crates to provide surface water infiltration, retention or attenuation as a soakaway solution as a variety of depths in loaded and trafficked areas. The crates hold water when there is a sudden large flow in a storm to alleviate the likelihood of flooding.

Features and Benefits

  • 5 crates hold 1m cube of water
  • 61 tonnes/m² compression strength
  • Integrated inlet and outlet for easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly – manufactured from 90% recycled materials
  • BBA approved
  • 60 years creep limited life expectancy
  • 95% void ratio


  • Heavy and Light Industry
  • Sports fields
  • Domestic driveways
  • Housing Developments
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Roadways

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