Farmers Weekly Article – Improving Soil Management


In recent article, Mr Chris Bayliss who is an Estate Manager for Sir Richard Sutton Estates, spoke to the Farmers Weekly regarding the benefits using land drainage for improving soil management and quality on the estate. The article goes on to explain:

2012 highlighted shortcomings in the estate’s drainage, so a substantial area of land drainage was repaired or replaced the following year. The business has been tackling 40-60ha each year ever since.

Mr Baylis says it has transformed the heavy land, ensuring there is the right balance of air and water within the soil and improving blackgrass control by extending the autumn working window – particularly for late drilling of autumn cereals – without compromising soil structure.

Better-drained soils also improve the chances of good establishment of spring crops, which are key to grassweed control, and ensures winter crops get away quickly in the spring to outcompete the weed.

Mr Baylis has originally budgeted for an 11-year payback on the significant 2013 works, but a recent post-investment review showed it had already paid for itself in yield increases alone.’

The full article on improving soil management can be found here.

Improving Soil Management