NAAC Land Drainage Installation Guides


The NAAC has published guides on Land Drainage installation focusing on Pipeline Reinstatement, Sports Turf and Field Drainage schemes. They can be downloaded here –

The Quality Requirements states that the smooth and corrugated ‘Plastic Pipes (up to 200mm diameter) and Connectors must conform to BS4962 (1989) or an equivalent European Standard. Larger pipes, in excess of 200mm diameter, not covered by BS4962 must be shown to be suitable for the specific purpose and possess an Agrément Certificate.’

All our Polypipe Civils land drain, twin wall and large diameter twin wall system conform to these requirements. Plenty of stock kept in our Yorkshire depot, call on 01430 430 529 or

Land Drainage Installation is an important investment, ensure the greatest longevity and efficiency of your scheme by installing the best pipe!


80mm Land Drain Twin wall pipe